My name is Ruah Bhay

I’m a teacher of yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, wellness, amazing abs and more! I’m also a mom of two and a native New Yorker. After traveling and living around the world, I eventually returned home to New York. Today, I live in Brooklyn and am a senior teacher and mentor at Yogaworks and Equinox.

I was introduced to yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis by my mom, who took classes at Integral Yoga and went on retreats with Swami Satchidananda before I was born. My mom and I used to lie down together often in svasana doing Yoga Nidra, relaxing one body part at a time. To this day, I think back to those times as a young child as a reminder of how important and accessible it is to relax and rest. I was initiated in Transcendental Meditation (TM), which I am especially grateful for, as thanks to TM I have a 2x/day meditation practice and am under the guidance of my aunt and uncle, who are devotees of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Spirituality and healing have always been important to me. I am thankful for being exposed to various philosophies that showed me that common denominator in all ways of life is compassion and love.

When I started my journey as a teacher, I had just returned to my Native New York City after living for years in Senegal and France. My mom and I were having lunch in a cafe on Hudson Street, in the neighborhood I grew up in. As we discussed what I might do in my next steps of life, she said, “you have been given this precious gift of life. Use it well and do your best to help those around you.” These words touched my heart deeply.

In that moment, I was sure of what I already knew: that whatever decisions I would make would be about helping others. While yoga was not my plan at the time, through various countries and careers, my passion for practicing and teaching yoga was a constant. After completing graduate school, I pursued a career in nonprofit management while teaching yoga on my lunch hour and on the weekends as a hobby. Then, while journaling in a cafe of Istanbul, I suddenly had the realization that I could no longer burn the candle at both ends and I had to make a decision. As soon as I posed the question to myself, the answer was crystal clear and I chose yoga. Six months later, I quit my job and the flood gates opened. I was teaching 29 classes a week all over NYC and my heart was full. Today, I continue to have the privilege of teaching and connecting with students for 15+ years, and I am deeply grateful.

It’s not that yoga and meditation magically take away the ailments of life., Rather, when we have the luxury to practice taking such great care of ourselves, whatever life offers is suddenly easier to navigate. The full experience of yoga, meditation and mindfulness have brought me extraordinary self-awareness, mental clarity, physical strength and emotional balance. The reason I teach today is exactly the same as I did when I started. When you love something and it helps you so much, you naturally want to shout about it from the mountain tops and share it generously with others! It is my honor and privilege to be this path and I hope to have the chance to pass along all that has been so valuable to me!


I have been in many health and fitness features, collaborated with celebrities such as Russell Simmons and has also appeared in Marie Claire, Time Out, In Resident, More, Uptown, FOX, WPIX, NY Post & NY1. I am 500hr Yogaworks Certified, Khalsa Way Prenatal Certified, have been teaching for over 15 years, hold a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Sustainable Development.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” -Mahatma Gandhi

What People are Saying…



“Ruah has a presence that I felt so connected with that there was no way I couldn’t ask for her time as a teacher and guidance as a mentor. As an instructor, she is nurturing while inspiring as she guides creative sequences that lead many different bodies into forms that may have not been known as accessible. Her abundant and relevant philosophical knowledge, conscious adjustments, incredible voice, and kind heart will offer anybody freedom in their body, mind and outlook on life. She is easily a rare gem in the global yoga community. I am honored to call her my friend, teacher and mentor.”


Teresa & Andrew

“Ruah has been a very special guide and inspiration to us—both in our yoga practice, and in our lives – as a mother & parent.

In one word, the experience with Ruah as a yoga teacher is magical—delivered like a special medicine for nourishing and healing the body and mind. We’ve yet to experience the quality and depth of Ruah’s classes anywhere else.

Ruah is a master at her craft. Her style is a unique and rare combination of rich yogic insight, creatively layered sequencing, athletic challenge, breathing exercises, meditations, gentle spiritual guidance, and abundant heart.

Ruah has an incredibly calming presence, the voice of an angel, and the wisdom of an enlightened soul. The way she gracefully guides us through intelligently constructed flowing sequences always leaves us feeling profoundly better, renewed.
Ruah has truly touched our hearts, and we are sincerely grateful for her kindness, support, and influence on our practice and our lives, both on and off the mat.”



“I absolutely recommend going on a retreat with Ruah.  No hyperbole, I think a retreat with Ruah is prescriptive for a life best lived. Ruah is the ultimate guide. She leads with clarity, grace, precision, wisdom, and abundant love. She meets and guides each person in the unique way they need to take their yoga practice (on and off the mat) to the next level. Practicing with Ruah in such an intimate, hands-on way elevated my practice in profound and long-lasting ways that I will be grateful for throughout my journey as an aspiring yogi. I left this retreat inspired, strong and ready (though another day would still have been lovely!) to go back into the world and bring my fullest, most loving, and present self to others. This retreat was a truly life-affirming experience.”


Madhuri Sastri

“Ruah is a giving person, who is  incredibly generous with her knowledge. Her Memorial Day retreat  put me in a state of bliss. I left feeling both relaxed, and uplifted and energized to get back to my life. My physical yoga practice deepened and expanded: her personalized adjustments are EVERYTHING… just what I needed  to understand my body. Also, her guided meditation was sublime. She led me to a place of calmness deep within that I didn’t even know existed, let alone how to tap into! Most importantly, thanks to her guidance, I find that I am able to recreate it for myself whenever I want. That is the most wonderful thing about a retreat with Ruah: not only do the benefits linger, but she also equips you with the tools you need to return to them time and again. A truly unforgettable experience.”


Jungah Lee

“Ruah provides the perfect balance of spiritual teaching and challenging asanas, within an inspiring sphere in which to deepen one’s practice. Having practiced with a myriad of instructors, it is easy to identify a truly devoted teacher with a breadth of knowledge at her fingertips. Ruah has taught me new ways to find the most basic pose, while presenting me with old challenges and boundaries to push past. It is rare to find a teacher as inspired and passionate about Yoga. I feel blessed to have Ruah as a guiding light in my practice.”



“I was first introduced to yoga by my sister Karla, the OG yogi in the family. After a surf trip to Costa Rica we both got into it. But, I really started taking my practice seriously 3 years ago when I met Ruah. She embodies “buddha nature” and just being around her drew the best out of me. I learned I actually don’t want to be tortured in class and the amount of pain I endure is not a measurement of effectiveness. In fact, I’ve achieved my best work through gentle, loving kindness and a focus on the mental/spiritual practice. Working with Ruah has turned me into a true yogi capable of aligning mind, body and spirit. At least, while I’m on the mat.”



“Ruah is a gem!  I had lost my practice for a while and she brought me back to life on the mat. She teaches with mindfulness and is truly present in every class.  She also has such a beautiful spirit that is reflected in her sequencing and alignment. Her nurturing nature makes you feel welcome even if you are a newcomer and her energetic style of teaching challenges you in a careful way.  I’m grateful to experience such an incredible teacher!”


Rachel Heller

“Ruah is such a fresh breath of “pure” air. She is very giving of her time and I found my favorite time was not only during class but after during our little catch ups. I felt her knowledge was so helpful and directed me on a positive path for both my body and soul. 

After her classes I felt recharged and ready to take on the days challenges. She was very patient and very encouraging.  I have managed to carry all the tools that Ruah gave me throughout my days and in my practice. I truly feel that there are some teachers that leave an impact on you and Ruah is definitely one of those masters. 

I forever cherish Ruah and am immensely grateful that she has been there from the beginning of my yoga journey and in many ways my ultimate path to happier days.” 

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